Proper Pool Care

As fun as it is to own a pool, it also takes some important cleaning and maintenance. Without basic pool care, your pool may develop algae, the water may change colors, the water may irritate eyes and skin, or many other serious problems. The good news is that a few simple steps and basic procedures can prevent problems like these. O.K. Pool Service has put together the following quick reference tips for basic pool care for your convenience.

How to Clean Your Filter
Sand Filter (once a week):

1. Turn pump off
2. Turn multiport handle to backwash
3. Turn pump on for 1-2 minutes
4. Turn pump off
5. Turn multiport handle to rinse
6. Turn pump on for 30 seconds
7. Turn pump off
8. Return multiport handle to filter position
9. Turn pump on

Cartridge Filter (once every 2-4 weeks):

1. Turn pump off
2. Remove filter element
3. Using garden hose, spray folds of element to remove dirt and debris
4. Replace filter element and reinstall filter lid
5. Turn pump on, check for leaks which may indicate worn O-ring or misaligned lid
6. How to Clean Your Pump Basket
7. Turn pump off
8. Remove pump lid
9. Remove basket*
10. Using garden hose or fingers - remove leaves and debris from basket. Do not bang basket on hard surface - basket may crack.
11. Replace clean basket in pump
12. Refill pump with water for priming (about 1-2 quarts of water)
13. Replace pump lid ** - be sure to clean any dirt or debris from lid O-ring first
14. Turn pump on - stay with pump until system has fully restarted (when water is pumping from jets and normal pressure is restored)

*When removing basket for cleaning, make sure debris from basket does not fall back into pump - this could cause a clogged impeller.
**Clean and lube lid O-ring monthly

How to Vacuum Your Pool
Set Up Cleaning Equipment:

1. Attach vac head to pole
2. Attach vac hose to vac head
3. Place vac head and pole in pool
4. Where hose breaks surface from vac head, begin submerging hose by pushing it under water which will purge air from hose
5. Insert end of hose in skimmer or vac line

Adjust valves:

1. Make sure skimmer or vac line valve is open
2. Close drain valve slowly
3. If using vac line, close skimmer halfway
4. Vacuum pool slowly moving vac head as far across pool as you can
5. When finished, disconnect end of hose from skimmer or vac line and remove equipment from pool
6. Restore valve settings *

*If pool was very dirty, clean basket and backwash or clean filter element.

If you have any questions on anything else, like chemicals or draining your pool for example, please give us a call at 305-264-8400 or contact us online! We're always ready to help!